The 9th Designstreet will take place on the 15th to 17th of July from 12:00 to 21:00 and is waiting for shoppers / interested / former and future friends in the Goržhi yard of Patarei Sea Fortress. In addition to high-quality Estonian design, you will also be able to enjoy live music and magnificent street food.

The Tall Ships Races is an international offshore training regatta with a long tradition which leads thousands of young people to sea every year and draws attention to the current state and sustainability of the marine environment.

The regatta of 2021 takes place on the Baltic Sea from the 27th of June until 3rd of August. The ships set sail from Klaipeda, Lithuania, and head towards Turku in Finland, from there the majestic ships continue to Tallinn. Then the competition moves to Mariehamn and the regatta ends in the Polish port city of Szczecin.

A grandiose maritime festival will be held in the Vanasadam, Kalaranna district, Patarei Sea Fortress, Lennusadam, Noblessner marina, accompanied by the world’s biggest fleet of sailing ships. The maritime and family festival will take place for four days and it is an ideal opportunity for everyone to visit dozens of historic sailboats and modern ocean yachts sailing the world's seas and even experience a pleasant cruise! The guests are entertained by the crème de la crème from Estonia and abroad. The five-stage program will run from noon until late night. From the cruise area of the Vanasadam to the Noblessner district, the audience will find numerous open-air cafes, children's areas, and activity rooms, Designstreet, a fish market with well-known fish chefs and handcraft traders from Estonia and neighboring countries offering a wide local selection.

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Krista Rebane