The exceptional event of presenting clothing design D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION will take place on Wednesday, September 22 at 18:00 in Põhjala Big hangar!

Ticket 10 €

Through attractive and conceptual show D_O_M there are presented clothes that are worked through in the same manner as design products generally. Garment, the closest layer to our body, determine the health, freedom of movement, safety, general wellbeing of a person. Estonian designers always seek for the best innovations and strive for quality in every aspect. Designed apparel is something that lasts, is worth to repair and devise.

D_O_M production
Piret Mägi


Fennecfit focuses on producing durable, sustainable, ethical and long-lasting activewear with an outstanding design. Clothes are made by analysing and following the needs of an active woman: style, functionality and endurance.

The brand is determined to choose recycled fabrics, biodegradable and recycled packaging. The ethical production of the clothes takes place in Portugal and Italy with our excellent partners.

Founder of Fennecfit Birgit Kool: "The people I relate to, and the surroundings inspire me deeply. Throughout time I’ve gotten ideas and inspiration from life around me."

Special thanks to the family, Nicolai, Robin and the Fennecfit family around the world!


“Instead of focusing on her race, age or occupation we visualise a woman who strives to become the best version of herself, keeping her head held high based on her own life values.”

Human Highness is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand that started its journey by creating empowering capes for women - believing in elegance with a touch of a super heroic upliftment.

Being handcrafted and painstakingly tailored in Estonia, collaborating with other female artisans, using natural or deadstock materials, produced by demand with slower pace and off season production. Their handwoven wool fabrics are made by talented women of Kango Textile..

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Merle Saal, Julia Shashkina, Mai-Liis Sipria, Vivika Sopp, Nataliya Sukhorukova, Rita Assor and many others who have helped the Human Highness brand.


Excitingly imperfect, sustainably beautiful and consciously wild: the Cervo Volante brand turns the residual leather of carefully regulated and sustainably hunted red deer from Switzerland and Estonia into unique and durable products. The hides are treated according to the strictest ecological criteria and traditional handicrafts. Thus, they are completely breathable, anti-allergic and always smell good. Their leather is one of the few in the world that is treated so consistently ecologically. Each product carries a commitment to style, nature and heritage. Scars, skin folds and scratches on the skin are like wabi-sabi - traces of wildlife and a sign of authenticity.


It is a matter of choice to make a difference – re-create and re-use instead of waste.

BalticSeaBlue collection is created by upcycling post-consumer textile waste from the hospitality sector. Each piece has been sorted carefully. The fabrics were dyed in different shades inspired by the Nordic sea's greyish blue palette.

Xenia: "I dream that all of us could appreciate the work of others: like the work of the farmer who harvests the cotton, and appreciate the water used to produce fibre. I dream that we learn not to exploit but to collaborate. Not to waste but to create. Not to pollute but to clean instead. I dream of BalticSeaBlue."

Textile: "I am not wasted, I am beautiful."

Shoes of the show by Kira.

Many thanks to Katri Link, Tallink!


Creative director Piret Mägi

Co-organizer Karin Järvet

Staging Anni Zupping

Lighting artist Reelika Palk

Sound artist Kenn-Eerik Kannike

Visual artist Carmen Seljamaa

Backstage manager Anne Rinne

Videos Ernesto Redondo Vergara

Beauty makers KEVIN.MURPHY and Couleur Caramel

Welcome drinks Mionetto and Haage Water

Thank you Woola and Biopakid