XIX Tallinn Design Festival

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Workshops @ Põhjala Factory

20 & 23.09.2023

Wed at 18:00 Phere's workshop
Sat at 10:00—15:00 Tugi & Tool's workshop

Phere workshop 25 €
Register hello@phere.eu / www.phere.eu

Tugi & Tool workshop 59 €
Register tugijatool@gmail.com / 56860211
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During Disainiöö, workshops are brought to you by Phére and Tugi & Tool.

Phére emerged from a vision to share inspiration about the value of using natural materials found in nature and the importance of recycling. Phére's glass body is created to be more than just a piece of art; it consciously embodies a symbol of consumption. Each forest flower, piece of sea glass, and intertwining scent of nature effortlessly harmonize with the surroundings. By choosing Phére, you embrace a lifestyle that demonstrates responsibility and respect for our planet.

Tugi&Tool is a furniture restoration company that organizes workshops and provides advice. They follow the principles of restoration, environmental conservation, and reuse.