XIX Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust

Oksana Tandit presents her sustainable fashion collection “CIRCLE”

Sun at 18:30 entry
Sun at 19:00 show begins

Price 25 €
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-> T1 Skywheel Of Tallinn    Show on the map

XVIII Tallinn Design Festival will be given a final chord by Oksana Tandit’s new collection “RING / CIRCLE”, presented on the ferris wheel of T1 Center, 120 m from sea level.


The core concept of the collection is to give new life to garments that for one or another reason, be it the pandemic, war, the overall deterioriated economy etc, have remained in the closet. That also determined the choice for the fashion performance’s location, as for the designer the ferris feel symbolizes circular economy, wheel of life and collaboration. According to Oksana “good design is something that has been created with sustainability and serving people in mind, of natural and high quality materials“.


Collection „RING/CIRCLE“ is comprised of festive gowns and costumes from the designer’s previous collections that are going through a complete redesign in the context of contemporary practical fashion, thus a dress can turn into skirt, blouse or jacket, for instance. Oksana combines a festive texture with everyday one, slim-silhouette with oversize etc. The collection is created for a contemporary responsible consumer who still values a unique personal style and high quality materials.