Jaga üritust

Show and exhibition of lighting design “Future Cemetery”

First Draft - Idea-gathering 2021

Performance and official opening:
Mon 20.09 at 20:00
Tue-Sat 12—20, Sun 12—18

@ Põhjala Fourth hangar
For free!

At the initiative of many lighting designers, Future Cemetery will serve ideas and guesses on the topic of graveyards of tomorrow.

What will a cemetery look like in the future? What elements can one encounter there, which technologies will it contain, what opportunities will the cemeteries offer? Are the cemeteries of the future a different sort of garden? What design elements could find application in the graveyards of the future and what flowers would grow there in a hundred years?

Visitors have the opportunity to participate in the collection of ideas themselves by dropping their dreams or surreal descriptions of cemeteries in the Idea-gathering Urn, thus generating ideas for a new version or further development of the Future Cemetery.

Authors: Andri Luup, Ilvar Piisk, Allan Lahi, Anne Türn, Toomas Täht, Anna Kristin McCarthy, Margus Kontus etc.

Producer: Valgusfestival.