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Exhibition of Italian architecture & TalTech’s projects

Mon 15—20
Tue-Sat 12—20
Sun 12—18

@ Põhjala Fifth hangar
For free!
During the festival, Põhjala’s Fifth hangar will be occupied by displays of Italian architecture and TalTech projects on the one side, and by Poznan University of Life Sciences exhibition “From Words to Actions” on the other. Italian Design Day will also take place in the Fifth hangar on Wednesday, September 22, when Dario Donato, the Italian architect and the founder and design principal of Spatialconnection(s), in cooperation with TalTech will take the visitors on the tracks of designing urban environments for the future. Topical poster exhibition and short films will also be displayed.

Among the multiple student projects of TalTech’s Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture it is possible to learn about space architecture: specifically about the possibility of building human habitats on Mars and the importance of autonomous building methods on the Red Planet, which is discussed in Anna Solts' master's thesis (supervisor Jaan Kuusemets).