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Tallinn Design House

27.09. 16:00–19:00
Price 10€
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The convergence of textiles and technology is the main topic of the lecture series Fashion Tech Talks. Amanda Cosco is a leading voice in the emerging field of fashion technologies. She is a communications consultant and the founder of Electric Runway. In her keynote presentation, Amanda will draw from her global research and reporting in the area of #FashionTech to discuss how innovations in textiles and wearable electronics are enabling us to fashion a new kind of human identity.

Amanda Cosco, Canada
Fashion Tech´i kui tärkava majandusharu juhtpersoon ning firma Electric Runway asutaja ja suhtlusnõustaja

Dr. Oscar Tomico, Holland
Head of the Design Engineering Bachelor program at ELISAVA Design and Engineering school, and Assistant Professor at Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, working on soft interactions for the Wearable Senses Lab.

Anja Hertenberger, Holland
Anja Hertenberger is an artist and researcher. The research she does is visible in interactive installations, performance art and e-textiles. Her current research theme is Intuition and Sensibility in relation to soft-electronics and sensor technology.

Kristi Kuusk, Estonia
Dr. Kristi Kuusk is a designer-researcher working on the direction of crafting sustainable smart textile services. She is looking for new ways for textiles and fashion to be more sustainable through the implementation of technology.

The talk and Q&A will be held in English. All are welcome!

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