Make Room for Design

Jaga üritust

Rotermann – Youngarlic – Home is where your art is

25.09.–29.09. 12:00–20:00
Presentation 28.09. 18:00
Youngarlic is one of the best designers / animators from Estonia. Returning from London, he was faced with a surprise and an opportunity together. His apartment was flooded, but insurance money in his pocket and a dream boiling. To buy 30 plywood frames, a lot of paint, move to the forest in the middle of nowhere and turn a blind eye to the bank's demands? You already know the answer. >> Youngarlic lives in Rotermann’s quarter for a week, showing his pictures in his new pop-up home. Humorous art, surrounded by beautiful and functional design.

Cider presentation 28.09. 18:00 – Handicraft meets homemade cider. Nudist, the factory of fine drinks, introduces a new product designed by Youngarlic.