Make Room for Design

Jaga üritust


27.09. 18:00
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The photographer should tell his story in an original way; if he succeeds to do that, he will also differentiate from the others.
In designing the photo exhibition people are often enough stuck to such words as ”photo print, gloss, matt, foam board, laminate”, etc. But why not use the words like “re-use, environment-friendliness, simplicity and ingenuity” instead? The topic of “Ratchet Notion” case study is to introduce the exhibition about skateboard by Artur Sadovski and give overview of new techniques for designing an exhibition. A re-used HDPE material and its different qualities will be introduced. Maarika Karm, an M.A. leather design student at Estonian Academy of Arts will introduce a new innovative project born as a result of the cooperation between a photographer and designer.