XVIII Tallinn Design Festival

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Kristian Keinänen

Mr. Kristian Keinänen is a business designer and -strategist serving as the Head of Development at Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd. He acts as the current President for the Finnish Association of Designers ORNAMO. Kristian is an enthusiastic developer of the Finnish design ecosystem, with more than 15 years of entrepreneurship experience working on product–, service– and strategy design processes with and within SME:s, international businesses and government organisations.

Design Platforms for Urban Development – Case: Lahti Design Ecosystem
In Lahti region, Finland, design is used to create new business, improved public services and a pleasant living environment. A local network of design professionals has been utilized to build a comprehensive development platform following the guidelines of a regional design strategy. The outcomes have shown to bring wellbeing and prosperity both in business and livability perspectives. How should design be included in politics and urban development? What is it's return on investment in social, systemic and financial perspectives? The presentation will give insight based on case examples and best practices gathered in Lahti region between 2013-2017. Lahti is one of three Centers of Design Expertise appointed in the national design strategy of Finland.