XVIII Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust

Gallery Positiiv, Photomagazine Positiiv

26.09. 17:00
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Exhibition is open
25.09.-29.09. 12:00-18:00, 30.09 12:00-14:00
The curator and the artist invite visitors to a thought journey that crosses and connects the contemporary art boundaries through various media. The Gallery Positiiv is a photo art gallery. The personal exhibition by Ülle Saatmäe (born 1966) „The Field of Vision“ where the author creates
a dramatic dialogue between textile and photo is being held in the gallery in September. The textile installation composed to communicate the message of the photo enables to perceive the visual journey of the author from the 2D photo to the 3D gallery in a touch-sensitive manner. In textile dyeing the designer has used blackberries, dropwort, iron nails and seaware in addition to synthetic dyes.