XVIII Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust


Opening 26.09. 18:00-20:00
Exhibition 27.09.-14.10. 12:00-18:00
The exhibition shows the recent works by two experienced interior architects and furniture designers Simo Heikkilä (FIN) and Toivo Raidmets (EST).
There are several things, which interrelates these two designers. Both have a long career as teachers and finally as professors of furniture design, Heikkilä at Aalto University in Helsinki and Raidmets at Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.
Both have quite a similar design philosophy. The form must follow the function. Their design should have a long lifecycle and at the same time be ecological in various aspects. Both Simo Heikkilä and Toivo Raidmets wants to show in their furniture design visible simple constructions and emphasize the visual role of details without forgetting to use all the aesthetic possibilities and humour.
The exhibition is the first together and it is part of the program during the 12th Tallinn Design Festival.
Exhibition stays open till 14.10.2017.