16.–22. SEPT

Jaga üritust

Festival exhibitions at Noblessner Foundry

25.09.–27.09. 12:00–20:00
28.09. 12:00–18:00
29.09.–01.10. 12:00–19:00
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At the heart of the festival, Noblessner Foundry, over 20 exhibitions are displayed: 
••Designers' Facebook 2012-2017
••HGDF 2017 guest exhibition TCHAIKOVSKY
••From mould to light
••Accessories exhibition HAND ATLAS
••Calendars – most important for an university’s design reputation
••„Fly to the Beehive!” Piotr Socha's illustrations to „The Book of Bees”
••What does chair consist of?
••Porcelain meets wood
••Studio Pascal Howe
••Textile Futures
••The Shadows of Light
••Universal Design Competition 2016
••VEGS Fashion Contest Tallinn 2017 “Planet Gaia - life in a new world” exhibition
••YUUE design studio
••Scent of Tsoon

••Design & Engineering
••EAA Design
••Design Material
••University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy