XVIII Tallinn Design Festival

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Deborah Alden

Deborah Alden is the inaugural Managing Director of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA), where she leads the Venture Fellow program, guiding resident entrepreneurs towards responsible growth, and oversees the organization's strategy and operations. With almost 20 years experience as a designer, strategist, educator and entrepreneur, her work has ranged from innovation and brand consulting for Fortune 100 companies to launching new models and initiatives in design and entrepreneurship. Deborah is regularly invited to speak globally on events like SXSW, TEDx, Icograda World Design Congress, ASODI Congreso Interiorismo, and Monterrey Design Week.

*Deborah's participation is made possible thanks to Estonia by The Baltic American Freedom Foundation's Baltic American Dialogue Program.

Introducing Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA) is a new initiative launched by Pratt Institute that provides designers with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful businesses. The BF+DA brings high-potential fashion designers, industrial designers and technologists together under one roof. The Accelerator is a hub for ethical fashion and design. The BF+DA provides its Venture Fellows and Members access to on-site business mentorship and small-run apparel production, showroom space and retail sites. The BF+DA offers sustainable strategies consulting, material sourcing and links to NYC manufacturers. The BF+DA Research Fellows explore production, materiality and wearable technology, connecting technology to a 21st century vision that seeks to redefine the fashion industry.