XVIII Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust

Christian Pagh

Christian Pagh, Master in Philosophy and Modern Culture, a professor at Copenhagen Business School, is a founding partner and culture director in a Copenhagen-based culture design agency Urgent.Agency. The agency´s work include culture design, development strategies, urban planning and new solutions to contemporary challenges often lost in the gaps between sectors and disciplines. Christian has directed a variety of projects in the intersections between cultural planning, place-making and design. He enforces a humanistic approach to projects based on observation and creativity.

Making cross-disciplinarity real!
How do you bring design culture to life in complex organizational contexts – and move from the good intentions to real actions? Christian from Urgent.Agency will share concrete experiences and advice on how to direct innovation and strategy processes inspired by design thinking. At the heart of the talk is a conviction about the power of infusing methods from both the human sciences and the world of design – and applying a truly human centred workflow. The presentation will inspire attendees to present and discuss their experiences.